【Mac软件】File Cabinet Pro 6.8.0 MacOS Mac软件 第1张

File Cabinet Pro是macOS菜单栏的文件管理器。快速导航到文件,而不会使桌面混乱。从菜单栏打开,移动,重命名,压缩,标记,垃圾桶,复制和粘贴文件。你能在File Cabinet Pro中本地打开多种文件类型,也可以通过启动其他应用程序打开文件。在图标视图中轻松点击目录,在列表视图中钻取目录,或者在列视图中导航文件树。

File Cabinet Pro 6.x For Mac | 10 MB

File Cabinet Pro - File Manager menu bar Mac OS. The program allows you to quickly jump to the desired files without downloading the desktop. Open, move, rename, compress, add tags, delete, copy, and more, all from menu bar line. You can open many types of files in the File Cabinet Pro program or open a file, run other applications. File Cabinet Pro is a versatile and very easy to use application.

Program File Cabinet Pro comes with a built-in text editor, image viewer and PDF files, as well as a media player. The File Cabinet Pro can be opened for editing / viewing cl file types:

Plain text files (TXT)
Rich Text Format (RTF)
Rich Text Format Directory (RTFD)
Portable Document Format (PDF)

Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)
Tagged Image File Format (tiff, tif)
Bitmap image file (bmp)
Photoshop File Format (psd) Import only
Scalable Vector Graphics (svg) Import only

mov, mp4, m4a, m4v, avi, mp3, wav, caf, aif

Platform: Intel, 64-bit processor
System Requirements: OS X 10.10 and above

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