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Hot Door CADtools是一款适用于Illustrator(AI)的强大的工程制图插件。利用CADtools可以让你的Illustrator做很多原本Autocad才方便做的操作(如插图标注、等量绘制、等量标注等等)。CADtools 8.2.4支持Illustrator CS3~Illustrator CC版本,并且新增中文语言支持,意味着大家以后不用找汉化补丁即可用上Hot Door CADtools中文版了。Hot Door CADtools推出官方中文版本,这也说明越来越多的国外软件公司开始重视中国市场了,这对中国用户来说是个积极的信息。

Hot Door CADTools插件介绍:

Hot Door CADTools是一款优秀的工程制图Adobe Illustrator插件包,利用CADTools,那么你的Illustrator就可以用来做很多原本Autocad才方便做的事。简单来说就是Cadtools整合了一套完整的工程制图工具,安装了Cadtools插件的Illustrator 软件用鼠标点击即可绘制出任何大小、具有标注的插图。新版本的CADTools改进和扩充了绘制和标注工具,并把所用的工具分成了六组:2D制图、2D编辑、2D标注、标签、等量绘制、等量标注。新版本的CADTools特征包括:等量制图、投影及标注,双标注和公差,切线工具,改进的标注和标签,完美的修整工具等。

Hot Door CADTools 10x | MacOSX | 52.2 MB

CAD becomes beautifully simple with CADtools - a complete CAD Plug-in solution for Adobe Illustrator. Draw in any scale, edit and dimension vector artwork with a mouse click, and numerically control objects or points. Click and drag with 87 tools to make design work both easy and elegant!

Two decades of development have shaped Hot Door CADtools into a designer’s dream – simple and spectacular CAD features right inside Adobe Illustrator. The new CADtools 10 focuses on effortless creativity and accessibility for every level of experience. CADhelp, CADdashboard and CADcontrol panels provide first-class assistance and shortcuts. Hundreds of customizable symbols add lively architectural objects, people and plants to professional projects. Several new tools send productivity soaring by repeating objects, scaling type, defining map scales and creating grids and waves.

CADtools installs drawing, editing, labeling and dimensioning tools organized in groups right below Illustrator tools including 2D Drawing, 2D Dimensioning, Axonometric Drawing, Axonometric Dimensioning, CAD Walls, 2D Editing, Labelling and Construction.

Summary of major features:
- Draw Illustrator art in any scale and use scale calculator for ease and efficiency
- Create/adjust walls, insert doors and windows
- Click-drag dimensions with custom style
- Edit dimensions with custom text
- Numerically move, transform, repeat objects
- Measure area, perimeter and length of paths
- Create customized labels with text, numbers, alphabet or object geometry
- Create offsets for vector paths
- Axonometric/isometric tools including cubes
- Project or dimension flat art in axonometric view
- Precision fillet, chamfer, trim and extend tools
- Precision resizing with proportion tool
- Divide or cut paths into equal parts
- Save or load CADtools settings as Presets
- Instant titles/tables with easy numeric input

Major new tools and features in version 10 include:
- Get help instantly with in-app, context-sensitive user guide
- 1-minute video tutorials in CADhelp
- Access hundreds of editable symbols for architecture, people and landscape that automatically scale to the target layer
- Organize CADtools tools and panels in one location with CADdashboard
- Easily access tool settings with improvements in the CADcontrol bar
- Add scale markers to maps and other designs with the Scale Line tool
- Repeat objects with precision with Repeat and Repeat Along Path tools
- Create precision signage using the Scaled Type tool
- Click-drag grids in a snap
- Click-drag waves or create them numerically
- Transform objects independently on their own axes in CADtracker
- Add company logos to CADtools title blocks
- Select new units for extremely small and extremely large scales, and more

Shortcuts and instructions for every level:
- CADhelp panel displays tips for current tool
- Auto-dimension objects in the CADshortcuts panel
- Save or load CADtools settings as shareable Preset files
- Keyboard input while dragging dimensions, labels and CAD objects on-the-fly

Precision drawing in style:
- Draw Illustrator art in any scale
- Create walls and insert doors and windows
- Draw arcs, polygons, grids and waves with numeric control
- Create cubes and cylinders with intuitive axonometric tools
- Construct tables and title blocks
- Choose from hundreds of symbols of architecture, people and landscaping

Dimensioning and labeling with attitude:
- Click-drag dimensions with your own style
- Edit every possible object, path, or points in space
- Edit dimensions as text or numeric measurement
- Create custom labels with text, numbers, alphabet or object geometry

Easy measurement and transformation features:
- Numerically control objects with CADtracker
- Measure object area, perimeter and length along curves
- Precision editing with fillet, chamfer, trim and extend tools
- Slice paths into equal parts with the path divider tool
- Create scaled offsets for paths and objects
- Repeat objects in grid or along path with numeric precision
- Accurately resize objects with proportion and scaled type tools

Compatibility: OS X 10.5 or later
Adobe Illustrator: CS6, CC, CC 2014, CC 2015
Home Page - https://www.hotdoor.com/cadtools/overview

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