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Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace Bundle 1 Mar 2019



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Tropical Village

Tropical Village is a high quality nature and modular huts pack with over 230 assets to build a beautiful and lush nature scene. The bamboo and metal huts can be built using hyper modular pieces to hyper modular pieces to create a multi-level interior and exterior building. Populate your Tropical area with over 85 props and vegetation assets ranging from oil drums, rocks, banana plant, and fishing boats.

• Ability to create multi-level floors with interiors – we give you hyper modular pieces that can be mixed and match to create an endless variety of building huts
• Dynamic Material – range of parameters that can be adjusted to give a large variety of different visuals for any of the assets
• Smart Tintable Materials – foliage has parameters to adjust roughness, subsurface scattering, and tint.
• Triplanar mapped rocks – allows for texture fidelity to stay consistent no matter what the scale of the model
• Tileable terrain textures – paint walkways and dirt paths, help break up ground with variation. Also comes with height blended rock faces.
• Tons of vegetation – coconut palms, banana trees, ground plants, leaves, bamboo, avocado trees, etc.to help fill up your scene
• LOD states for trees & props

Need Customization Work?
Send us an email at [email protected]
For more information about our services please visit: http://www.polypixel3d.com/services/
Technical Details

Asset List:
Around 35 Prop Assets (each with full LODs)
Over 100 hyper modular pieces for huts
50 Vegetation Assets (Catcus, Palm, etc.)

Ambient World Sounds

Trees: 500-6500 (LODs decrease in 50% increments)
Ground Plants: 100-2500
Props: 250-3500 (LODs decrease in 50% increments)
Hut parts: 250-500

Texture Sizes:
Terrain: 2048x2048s
Ground Plants: 2048x2048s
Props: 2048x2048s
House pieces: 2048x2048s

Intended Platform: PC


Low Poly Stylized Environment

All variety of assets to build a Lowpoly Environment. Base colored 160, textured 160 3d meshes. Perfect for quick prototyping or any stylized final product All materials are tweakable and can be customized with new textures or colors.


• 320 (160 meshes with color materials + 160 same meshes with group textured uvs)

• All materials are easy tweakable and can be customized with new textures or colors

• Automated landscape (with material functions) + paintable landscape layers + paint ready foliage types + paintable landscape grass

• Double sided foliage materials with subsurface & color correction settings

• Water (with waves/puddles settings – auto edge detection and coloring on shores – depth color variations)

• Wind option for all of the materials • Snow option (auto snow cover by calculating the curve angles of the landscape)

• 2nd overlay texture option for all of the materials. Noise texture is optional (can be closed)

• Wide collection of lowpoly stylized models (with proper uvs)

• Fully loaded demo level map (showed on screenshots) • Character Model rigged and ready for using with 3rd person 1st person character BPs

• 1 vehicle is rigged and ready for using with vehicle BPs

• Fire particles, skybox & clouds texture
Technical Details

Scaled to Epic Skeleton? Yes

PBR: Yes

Number of Textures: 25

Texture sizes: 512 to 2k

Collision: Yes (hand placed basic shape collision objects) (complex objects auto generated)

Vertex Count:

• Trees- 100 to 1000, 1 set of trees 1k to 5k

• Foliage- bushes 80 to 200, grass- 18 to 400

• Rocks- 40 to 280 • Cliffs- 100 to 340 • Mountains- 100 to 1500

• Camping Tools – 80 to 600 • Character –456

• Vehicles- 400 to 1000 LODs: no

Number of Meshes: 320 (160 meshes with color materials + 160 same meshes with group textured uvs)

Number of Master materials: 5

Number of instanced materials: 70

Intended Platform: PC / PS4 / Xbox / Mobile / VR

Platforms Tested: PC

Documentation: No


2 Bone IK Foot Placement System

Keep your feet on the ground! This component will do just that by doing a line trace from each foot. It also adjusts the hip down if needed to allow the feet to touch the ground.

No IK bones required! This will work with the default animations, the free starter pack animations and more!

Each foot has a line trace to position them independently. Also offsets pelvis/hip bone to allow foot to touch lower ground.

Example project also has replicated events for Walk, Run, and Sprint. Crouch is also included, and the capsule has a smooth re-size transition
Technical Details

– Commented, Easy To Understand Blueprints
– Multiplayer Support
– Uses Actor Component, Easily Add To Your Character
– Easy blueprint migration

– Example project with Walk, strafe, and crouch
– Actor component for easy implementation
– UMG With Debug Information
– Example crouch state (Smooth re-size of capsule)
– Uses Epic’s default and Anim Starter Pack animations

– Removed unused variables
– Fixed compatibility with 4.11
– Dropped support for 4.8, 4.9, and 4.10

– Added more comments
– Added input esc to quit game
– Small bug fixes

– Simplified project and removed unneeded features
– Added interface and removed unneeded casts
– Changed camera to rotate around player while not moving
– Enables UseControllerDesiredRotation when moving
This smooth rotates character to face forward
– Added Mode Enum for FootPlacement
– Reorganized to ease code migration


UE4 Materials Pack Vol. 1

A collection of high quality materials for use in Unreal Engine 4. First volume includes metals, wood, concrete, plastics, water, and car paint.

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